At Orlando North Church our mission is to love God and love people.  As we look at our world, both in our own community and across the globe, we take a holistic approach: restoring faith, hope, honor, courage and community to people everywhere through the power of the Gospel.

Ministries we partner with:


Jessie & Kristen Anderson - Since 2007, we have been full time staff members of YWAM (Youth With A Mission) Orlando. God has called us to train, disciple, and teach the next generation of leaders in ministry and missions. Our primary focus is training people to know God and make Him known through leading Discipleship Training Schools (DTS), photography training schools, teaching on the Bible, and doing pastoral care visits with the outreach teams.

Burton Carey - In 2008, Burton Carey, of Woodstock, GA, bought Lassie, a rescue Shetland Sheepdog. After two-year’s training and certification, they began outreaches to assisted living facilities in their community. ONCC has ordained and supports Burton as he ministers to the elderly and lonely. During the past 6 years, they have impacted hundreds of lives as Burton preaches, disciples and ministers the Word in 10 services at 7 nursing homes. The elderly and disabled hear truth, experience love, and are coming to know Jesus because of Burton and Lassie’s faithfulness. Please pray for Lassie and Burton.

Colin & Judith Carson - Colin and Judith founded Horizons International during their two decades as pastors in Manchester, England. Love for people grew to include evangelism and missions, discipleship and leadership training. Their overseas teaching expanded from Eastern Europe including the former U.S.S.R, to Argentina, Uganda, Zambia and more recently, Haiti. They pioneered Baltic School of Ministry in Latvia, built and continue to resource a junior school in Zambia. Judith speaks at women’s events, founded Colour My World for creative evangelism and launched ENRICHING WOMEN Facebook Community Page. Their great passion is to engage the next generation through leadership training, facilitating opportunity and offering support and encouragement.

Nigel and Kathy Harding, have been called to establish a non-denominational, transformational church in Kampala, Uganda. They focus on building community, centered around on the Word of God, with mission in the marketplace as the intentional occupation of every member. We are currently expanding our Life Groups, which are the focus for discipleship; and presenting an engaging leadership training program, for the growth of our congregation, both spiritually and numerically. Our prayer is for more personal involvement; reaching outward, and growing heavenward; and that by this we may might declare the wisdom of God to the powers of this dark world, as God designed (Ephesians 3:10).

Norberto and Nancy Kurrle live in Paraguay and are involved in leadership training in their local church as well as through the national church association. Norberto is currently teaching a Bible course in Posadas, Argentina, and they have been asked to coordinate a group of 15 pastoral families. They have 3 children - Mark, Nicole, Anahi and Dominick.

Cory & Stacy Martin - We are the Martin family - Cory, Stacy, and our kids - Gavin, Noella, Sydney, and Amelie. Our main focus is education and discipleship in our community in Masatepe, Nicaragua. With an almost completed school building, we now teach English and vocational classes. These classes attract many from the community that otherwise wouldn't be around the church. The other major part of our ministry is supporting the missions of our local church. A large group from the church goes out into rural parts of Nicaragua to teach, preach, and develop leaders. We teach what we know and provide a vehicle and supplies for these trips.

Mauro and Julia Martinez serve in Jelgava, Latvia. After moving from Argentina in 2010, Mauro met Julia in Latvia and they were married in 2013. After having served as the Academic Dean of Baltic School of Ministry for the past 6 years, they are leaving the school to start a church planting project in Ventspils, Latvia. They are also working on the translation and distribution of educational materials for Sunday school teachers - “Little Hands for Missions”. The goal of this ministry is to train kids about missions, so that the importance of missionary work will be in the spiritual DNA of the next generation of church leaders.


Tommie and Gunilla Naumann have been involved in Christian ministry since the early 1970’s. They have worked behind the Iron Curtain during the Communist era and were also part of a team that planted a church in Malmo, Sweden, a community that became influential both locally as well as nationally. In 1995 they moved to the Balkan region where they have lived ever since. For most of the time they have lived and worked in Skopje, Macedonia but now live in Thessaloniki, Greece. Over the last 10 years they have planted several churches in Macedonia, which has led them into a position of leading a network of churches in the Balkans with the vision that "the motherlands shall give birth again”. They are also actively involved in Turkey, Syria and Jordan.



Cathy Potter lives in Durban, South Africa where she works with Zulu women in the Embo Valley, training them in life skills such as baking and sewing. Cathy has a local team of ladies teaching reading in the Abombo School and she teaches at the iKhethelo Children’s Village. She has been able to get many of the Zulu ladies into programs for first aid and child care and more recently several were enrolled in a chef-training school. Cathy also travels to Swaziland to work in churches with a local pastor, focusing on sewing projects and raising funds for wells and brick-making machines. 

Compassion International

Mariana Stefanny Garcia Mota - Mexico Mariana lives with her grandfather and her mother. She is responsible for running errands. Her grandfather is employed and her mother maintains the home. There are 2 children in the family. Mariana is not presently attending school. Playing ball games is her favorite activity. She also attends Bible class regularly. Birthday: September 19, 2011.