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At Orlando North Church our mission is to Go & Be Christ’s Church to the world.  As we look at our world, both in our own community and across the globe, we take a holistic approach: restoring faith, hope, honor, courage, and community to people everywhere through the power of the Gospel.

Our partners

Jessie and Kristen Anderson have been full-time staff members of YWAM (Youth With A Mission) Orlando for the last 12 years. God has called them to train, disciple, and teach the next generation of leaders in ministry and missions. Their primary focus is training people to know God and make Him known through leading Discipleship Training Schools (DTS), photography training schools, teaching on the Bible, and doing pastoral care visits with the outreach teams.

Burton Carey of Woodstock, GA, Burton Carey has for the past 12 years been ministering as a pastor along with his therapy dog to the elderly and those with special needs. Burton ministry focuses on music, preaching and teaching of the Word, pastoral counseling, and canine ministry. A number of souls have received Christ while many others have come into a deeper relationship and walk in Christ. Please keep this priceless ministry to the lonely, hurting, and lost in your prayers.

Colin & Judith Carson founded Horizons International during their time as lead church pastors in Manchester, England. During their pastoral tenure their expansion of ministry grew to include evangelism, missions, discipleship, and leadership training. Their overseas teaching expanded from Eastern Europe including the former U.S.S.R. to Estonia, Latvia, Bosnia/Hercegovina, Serbia, Argentina, Uganda, Zambia, Haiti and the Ukraine. They pioneered a Bible Training centre in Latvia and for 10 years where groups of young people from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and some from U.K., move on and grow into various church ministries. A continuous relationship within each country remains and the Carsons passion continues to see leaders supported and encouraged in their vision and new churches established. Humanitarian aid is ongoing as needs arise in an ever challenging world.

Mauro and Julia Martinez  serve in Ozolnieki, Latvia. After moving from Argentina in 2010, Mauro met Julia in Latvia. They married in 2013 and have two children. After serving as the Academic Dean at the Baltic School of Ministry (BSM) for six years, they became the Directors in 2022. BSM is a program designed for both new believers in Christ and those who seek to build a strong foundation for their faith. At BSM, Mauro and Julia feel their call is fulfilled as they train a new generation of believers and help them live out their God-given purpose.

Cathy Potter lives in Durban, South Africa where she works with the foundation attached to her local church. One of the greatest needs in our rural communities is education, children are leaving school without being able to read and write which leads to so many social problems. One of the foundations aims is provide hope through education and a safe space for children to share their problems. It is a wonderful platform from which to share the love of God and bring salt and light in these in these dark desperate economic times. Most of these children have only one hot meal a day and that is the one they get at school . I currently am working in 9 schools training teachers how to teach reading and partnering with community leaders providing spiritual and practical help.

I am also working and supporting my sewing ladies with their market gardening project and with Patrick a colleague who works extensively with discipling youth in a local township.

It is a privilege to be able to work and provide support in all these diverse areas of ministry.

Candy Rieger works alongside pastors and lay leaders in both the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Their goal is the planting and healthy growth and development of the local church – community by community, neighborhood by neighborhood. A second goal is to actively support and physically bless those in need of housing and sanitary facilities. We team together with local leadership and have been blessed to bless others through receipt of an annual grant. Thank you for your prayers that we may continue to bless others. Please pray for Haiti and the Dominican Republic. 

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